Future Sapphire 258x300

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  1. General Details

    Featuring a subtle yet futuristic design (hence the name), the Future metallic mosaic collection by L’antic Colonial is a response to new trends in interior design that call for geometric forms and polished finishes to add artistic flair to bathrooms, living rooms or bedrooms.


    Please note that this is not stocked in New Zealand.
    Indent orders take approx 18 weeks from Spain

  2. Technical
    Imported to Order
    Type Wall
    Size 258×300
    Rectified Edge No
    Finish Porcelain & Metal
    Variation V4
    Price Code L131
    Other Sizes available This size only
    Other Colours available Amber, Emerald, Quartz and Sapphire


  3. Packaging
    Imported to Order
    Pieces per Box 11
    Square Meters per Box 0.85


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