Just released from Xtone comes Blue Roma.

With a captivating design and charged with visual strength, Blue Roma intertwines sumptuous coppery veins on its distinctive grayish-blue canvas. The collection fills rooms with a natural aesthetic with a distinguished character, enhancing blue quartzite as a true masterpiece.

Available is a large range of formats Blue Roma is a stunning material showcasing the advanced technology in use by Xtone to be inspired by Nature

Sizes and Finishes available
* Stocked in New Zealand

Code Size Finish
100318142 1520x3200x12mm Polished
100318133 1520x3200x12mm Silk*
100316628 1500x3000x6mm Polished
100316653 1500x3000x6mm Silk*
100318123 1200x2500x6mm Polished
100318114 12000x2500x6mm Silk
100318109 1200x1200x6mm Polished
100318120 1200x1200x6mm Silk